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Most people convey themselves through writing, honestly I’m not much of a writer. I would rather express my emotions through cooking. I cook when I’m happy or sad, I cook best when I’m extremely mad! This site was a birthday gift from my geeky brother and forced me to use it. So now I share my culinary journey, travel adventures and underwater escapades with you. Enjoy!

Pam Obieta

For private cooking classes on Filipino cuisine in Manila
Private dining with classes for small groups: email pamobieta@gmail.com


For my students,  I share the words of Kahlil Gibran(The Prophet):

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.

The Archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite, and He bends you with His might that His arrows go swift and far.Let the bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;

For even as he loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.” Animo!

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  1. Hi Robbie…blogs were not popular yet during your time. I will look for photos of Solomon 11 and post them. After all you guys held the record for a long time…so I owe you that 🙂

  2. Hi Chef Pam! I hope you still remember me 🙂 kainggit naman po yung improvements sa akic, parang gusto ko mag-aral ulit! hehehe! anyways, drop by at bizu greenbelt, i’ll treat you your favorite nirvana 🙂 take care Chef!

  3. hi chef pam i know i didn’t have the chance to be your student in dls-csb but I was a student of hrim and iam now here in the u.s. pursuing my career as a cook and i hope i represent benilde well here in the u.s.
    ingats po kayo


  4. Hello, Pam. It seems you are real busy and you have allot of people that care for you deeply. I am looking forward to meeting you and trying some of your cooking first hand. Take care your bomb tech.

  5. Hi chef!!! hope everythings great. Saw my name in one of your blogs. hahahaha.. you’re happy that i graduated na. thanks.. hahaha. take care and Godbless!

  6. Hi Pam! This is Chinky Bautista of SPCQC. I don’t know if you still remember me but we used to be officers of the HRM Society. Curious with Edible local flowers and accidentally bumped into your site. I am glad to know that you’re with the academe. Hope all is well with you

  7. Hi, Chef Pam.

    Thanks for the like on my post about noodles. I sort of love to cook but I haven’t gotten any formal training. I’ll be looking around your site for inspiration.


  8. Love Gibran’s book, may have to go dip into it now! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and also for sharing your culinary adventures … wonderful that you’ve been to so many different countries!

  9. Hey Pam, thanks for stopping by my blog…I always greatly appreciate others point of view. I work with many Philippino nurses and luckily get to experience the fabulous food they share with me! I am sure you will have many delicious recipes to share as well.

  10. Thanks very much for checking out my blog Pam! Have you ever visited Edinburgh? If not, it’s a must 🙂 And The Shore part of town is one of its loveliest hidden gems. Have a lovely day

  11. OMG! Hi Pam from Manila, Philippines!! Thank you for stopping by! I followed your site, hope you do as well. I promise to put more food stuff all the way from NYC!

    Please do follow my social media accounts
    Instagram and Twitter: aislinnpaula

    I’m just an upcoming blogger. I hope you can spread the word and do a shoutout for me. i’d appreciate your support! thank you!

    lots of love,

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