A torch for Cactus Club Cafe Vancouver

wpid-20130705_180337.jpgI met up with a long lost childhood friend by the Olympic torch at the Vancouver Convention Centre. She takes me to Cactus Club Cafe just beside the monument and insist I try this very popular homegrown Canadian restaurant.  There is a long queue as reservations are not allowed. We wait outside while catching up on old stories. After fifteen minutes the pager buzzes to signal that our table is ready. The restaurant’s interior is hip and stylish, and the servers are so good looking! The signature dishes were developed by Iron Chef Rob Feenie; also on the creative team is Chef Mathew Stowe winner of Top Chef Canada. I just love how there are so many healthy and Asian inspired choices on the menu. wpid-20130705_181543.jpgwpid-20130705_175347.jpg

Cactus Club Cafe Menu

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