Finding inspiration at Seattle’s Pike Place Market

pike2A foodie MUST visit the historic Pike Place Market in Seattle. It’s probably one of the oldest markets in the United States. It has lots of food stalls, produce, crafts and a very interesting fish market. Pike Place is significant to me for two reasons: the “FISH Philosophy” phenomenon and the birthplace of Starbucks.pike

Honestly, who likes to clean stinky and slimy fish?? At the Pike Place Fish Company you can enjoy a show as fishmongers sing, dance and have fun with their seafood orders. The stall has become a tourist attraction drawing a small crowd each time the employees perform. This attitude became the inspiration for a best selling training video on teamwork and positive organizational culture called “FISH! Philosophy”.

20130813-144018.jpg The very first Starbucks was established in Pike Place Market.  When you enter the store you will find the marker dated 1971.  Under the leadership of Howard Schultz,  this tiny coffee shop has grown into a global brand and has revolutionized the coffee industry. Even helping coffee growers from third world nations like the Philippines!

I grin as I have a cup of Starbucks coffee in Seattle. I know it is just coffee, but here is where it all started!  I can now scratch this off my foodie bucket list 🙂

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  1. I’ve been wanting to go to Seattle for some time now. A friend just moved there for med school, so maybe I’ll get my chance. When I do, I’ll definitely have to see this market!

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