The Secret …it works!

My computer screen saver is my vision board with the places I want to see.  I can’t say I’m backpacking around Europe because what I have is my trolley bag with me. I have been riding trains, planes, driving cross country, taken ferry boats and surprisingly even a  cruise ship.

In the last month this “amazing race” adventure of mine has turned out to be more than what I expected. I could never have done all these things without the hospitality and generosity of my family and friends here in Europe. They have all been so good to me taking me into their homes and showing me around. So I can say I have been truly blessed and lucky with the hospitality of Filipinos. I have not had time to write and upload pictures, but anyway here are some of the highlights of the things I have been lucky enough to see and do.  Food reviews and stories to follow in future blogs. So let me count my blessings:

A. Italy ( 8 days with planet Funetebella  Italy)
1. Did an “Angels and Demons” tour of Rome. At the Vatican took a picture of the Sistine chapel even if it wasn’t allowed and of course the Italian guard tried to stop me or else they would have to throw me out.
2. Saw the beautiful island of Ponza in Italy and swam in the Mediterranean sea.
3. Visited the old, quaint and very beautiful town of Nemi.
4. Visited so many churches and each time made a wish for someone dear whose dad had cancer. Continue reading “The Secret …it works!”

De Koopvaarddij Antwerp Belgium (Michelin star)

The Belgians love to eat properly and this is the best thing I like about them. My epicurean aunt Tita Chinggay brought me to De Koopvaarddij in Antwerp. The restaurant has a Michelin star and they are known to be very innovative with their menu. Coming from the Far East I was surprised to see that the menu we were having was Asian Fusion. I got to meet young Chef Wouter Van Tichelen one of the owners. We had a nice exchange on Asian cuisine. It is interesting how he puts in so much work and detail into his dishes. Here is the menu that he prepared for us:

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