Nolet (Michelin Star) Yerseke Holland

Nolet is a famous one Michelin Star restaurant loacted in Holland. The restaurant is right beside the marina and oyster beds of Yerseke. The restaurant is owned by Chef Danny Nolet and is known for their very fresh seafood. It is Uncle G’s and Auntie Chinggay favorite restaurant.  Together with cousin J they brought me here to try the seafood gastronomic menu of oysters and the lobsters. And true enough the place can boast to having the best and freshest oysters in the world. The whole menu course below is just for one person. As a lover of seafood and crustaceans, this meal was quite a feast!







Cockle shells cooked with sage

CIMG9123Tuna Tartar, Oyster with leeks, Shrimp tempura











Fresh oysters (heaven on earth and not intended for sharing)

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Where to stay in Italy

I had a wonderful stay in Rome thanks to my Tita Marmi Fuentebella and my Italian cousins who took time out to take me around. Rome is a very beautiful city and so full of history. I started my European tour in Rome and was amazed at the architecture.

Rome is best appreciated  by getting lost while walking. I was able to visit the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Piazza di Spagna or Spanish Steps, and the Trevi fountain to make a wish. Inspired by Dan Brown’s book and movie I also did an “Angles and Demons” tour of Roma. Visited the Castel Sant’ Angelo, Pantheon, Piazza Novana for Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, the Vatican and of course the Sistine Chapel.  Michealangelo’s work leaves me in awe but the Vatican’s wealth makes me question the church’s humility.

Anyway friends if you ever need a place to stay right in the city center and just a walking distance from the Colosseum, I would highly recommend Tita Marmi’s bed and breakfast called Casa Lilli.  Tita Marmi is a beautiful and kind lady who  knows the place so well.  Her Filipina hospitality will immediately make you feel at home in Rome.

Here’s the link to CASA LILLI 

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When in Rome – A food trip on Italian cuisine

The Italians have one of the best cuisines in the world.  In the 15th century  Catherine de Medici of Florence married King Henry II.  She brought their Italian cooks with her when she moved to France.  It is said they taught the French how to cook, use the fork, and introduced herbs into their food.  Maybe the French will never agree that Italian cuisine is better. Anyway I am now in Italy, land of Parma ham and prosciutto on culinary journey of discovery.

Breakfast in Italy is very light.  In the morning they have  a cappuccino together with cornetti (croissant) , a light panini, or pastries from a pasticceria (pastry shop).    And they

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The Food of Batanes (a Batanes food trip) – Part 2

Let me quote the late Doreen Fernandez  “A recipe is a social document.  Its ingredients come from a particular natural setting, its procedures from a specific cooking tradition, its place a dietary pattern of evolution within a history and society” as a take off point in describing my personal view of Batanes cuisine.

Batanes was a subject of Spain in 1782. Basco was named after the Spanish Governor General.  This explains the many churches and religious nature of the Ivatans.   I think the Ivatan nose is very distinct. As a race they are beautiful people with sharp noses. Most of the Ivatans we have met have a very strong command of the English language backed up by a very good educational system introcuded by the Americans in 1909. During WWII the Japanese built strong holds and tunnels which are now tourist attractions.

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