Batanes – Things to do (part 1)

Batanes is one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines. It is located at the tip and Northern most part of the country. Best why to get there is to take a plane.

Things to do in Batanes:

CIMG75491. Stay or visit Funcadion Pacita. Specially if you are on a honeymoon! It’s so romantic!!
For first class amenities we stayed in Fundacion Pacita.  The very beautiful and quaint B&B was the home of artist Pacita Abad.  A bit pricey for some but so worth it.  And the view from our room fantastic! We called it our home on a hill.

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Bicolano Cuisine: Food Trip Part 2- Legaspi Restaurants

We had aspiring chef Toni Esteves and her family to show us the restaurants scene in Legaspi.  Toni is as passionate as her mother Beth when it comes to food. I am still very grateful to them for being such gracious hosts. Their newly re-opened “Hotel Victoria” along Rizal road is a place I would highly recommend. I was quite impressed with the home-grown restaurants that have been modernized. These outlets have concepts, standardized menus, use industrial kitchen equipment, follow sanitation practices, and have friendly trained staff. Eating out in Legaspi is so inexpensive.  I couldn’t believe the menu prices!

Biggs Diner is a home grown fast-food chain located at Pacific Mall. Decor was probably inspired by those American diners but the flavor profile of the food is very Filipino. They serve pinoy burgers, fries, pasta and barbecue. Their fried chicken is quite similar to Jolibee’s chicken joy.

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