Mr. Acuna is alive

Somebody started a nasty text brigade that Mr. Gil Acuna passed away.  Just want to say that I spoke to him today and  there is no truth to that rumor. Bad bad joke ! Not funny!@!Whoever you are…. if you didn’t pass his class take it like a decent human being!!!!

Vietnam Food Trip Guide

Vietnamese food is probably one of the healthiest cuisine in the world. The Vietnamese love fish, seafood and vegetables.  If they do eat meat they are often grilled and eaten wrapped in lettuce leaves with mint and basil. It seems most food is wrapped in these herbs and dipped in sauce.  Often times a meal is ended with fresh fruits.  No wonder the Vietnamese women are so skinny and there are hardly any obese people in Vietnam!

Once a French colony and part of Indochina, the French influence is reflected in their cooking methods and their love for baguette, pate and French pastries. Vietnamese food is a fusion of French techniques and locally available ingredients.

Being a foodie here is a list of food and drinks one must try while in Vietnam:

1. Pho (noodle soup) – a rice noodle soup with thinly sliced meat. During our cooking demo we learned that the secret to the stock is blanched beef bones and for spices cinnamon bark, cardamom, star anise and cloves.a1











Ingredients to making Pho

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The heat is on in Saigon – Part 1

a5Four days of fun and nonstop eating!… That is how I would describe our Vietnam culinary tour last March 5-8, 2009. Together with three other faculty members, 2 coordinators, and 80 students we arrived in Ho Chi Minh city via Philippine Airlines and stayed at the Dragon Royal Pearl Hotel in district 1. The hotel has a great location and is a five minute walk to Ben Thanh market. The roads look like a sea of motorcycles so first thing the students learn in Vietnam is how to cross the street…walk slowly, do not run,  the motorcycle drivers will avoid you but can not anticipate it if you take a step back.

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