Vatel Manila Dinner Launch

Last February 26 was the formal dinner launch of the school’s partnership with Institut Vatel. The guests were Mr. Alain Sebban from Vatel France, Brother Victor Franco, dignitaries from the French embassy, representatives from the department of tourism, commission on higher education, general mangers and industry partners from the different hotels, academic administrators, distinguished faculty, and the press!  Pressure did not just come from the VVIP guest list but  because it was also midterm week! Despite that the faculty, students, and staff involved must be congratulated for a successful dinner. Merci! Tres bien!

 The Vatel Manila Program

Food by the kitchen brigade of Green Cuisine with Chef Bong:


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Dusit Thani’s Crossover Brunch

One of our graduates manning the buffet

The last time I felt like a glutton was eating for three hours at the buffet of Hotel Sofitel’s Spiral restaurant. I thought that was Manila’s ultimate buffet in terms of food quantity because of the length of their buffet.  Today, I tried the Sunday Crossover Brunch at the Dusit Thani and it could give Spiral a run for their money.  Imagine for P1450 net one can cross and eat in four different restaurants.  Our reservation was at Benjarong the Thai restaurant because Umu the Japanese restaurant was already booked. Welcomed by a mime… we started off with the healthy Thai appetizers and salads like tom yang gung, crispy catfish, Thai beef salad, satay, pad thai (cooked in front of us) and so much more. The lemon grass juice was also lovely.  Later a table was free so we transferred to Umu the Japanese restaurant for sushi, robata, tempura, and teppanyaki.  For teppanyaki I had steak, prawns, salmon, shitake and enoki mushrooms…yummy! That made my day! This buffet is so worth it! I had to skip the roasts  in Basix (coffeeshop) and after an hour of eating we moved up to the

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Valentine History

My daughter’s school decides to have prom on Feb 14. So in as much as I want to avoid it, I am trapped right in the heart of Valentine’s Day cheesiness! Prom is at the Edsa Shangri-la so I make things convenient by staying the night at the hotel. There is a long queue at the check-in counter as it is a fully booked this weekend. Luckily I am upgraded again. It seems like Edsa Shang is now my “new” favorite hotel next to the Peninsula. Traffic, fully booked restaurants, teeny bopping puberts in suites and ball gowns, roses and red every where! I retreat to my room to avoid the madness.

Why is Valentines such a big deal? How did the occasion come about? And why is food an important part of the celebration?

In history February 14 during the Roman Empire was actually a fertility festival.  To the Romans Cupid was known as the

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More playground

The Bar Management room or bar lab. The only room where students are allowed to taste alcoholic beverages.  Looks like a real bar! Here they learn cocktail mixing, wines,  coffee barrista skills, and flair tending. This is  home to teachers Gerry Ele, Paul Ceron, and Jerwin Pineda

So many hotel and culinary schools now being set-up… not to worry…can I just say that this year your alma mater the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde School of Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management (SHRIM) achieved the following under Dean Delarmente:

a) PAASCU level 3 accreditation. It is so far the only hotel school to reach that level
b) Partnership with the number one hotel school in Europe Istituto Vatel…so now SHRIM is also know as  Vatel Manila
c) World class facilities -Phase 2 of the renovation is almost complete (yehey I can take my long overdue leave!) and now Phase 3 begins before summer ( oh! got to finish this before I take my sabbatical!)

Here are some photos of the many changes in school:

The demo kitchen is my baby…no mirrors!… we are using plasma TV…and it is definitely nicer than Rachel Ray’s:

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