Going Sideways (part 1)

I am so blessed to now be in California “the land of fine food and wine” for the term break. When I woke up this morning my sister and her husband asked me which malls did I want to visit…Malls!?! We are in Lodi which is wine country so I would very much want to see the wineries and vineyards. Lodi is now a popular wine destination with over 30 winery tasting rooms that are small and family operated.

I had my first tasting today at Borra Vineyards. I was given a tour and was made to try 6 different bottles. They are known for their Fusion blends..the best one for me was the 2004 Red Fusion -consisting of a blend of Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet and Zinfandel. The young gentleman in-charge was amused with all my questions so my tasting was on the house..hehe!

Today I learned that one barrel of wine contains 740 lbs of grapes, 59 gallons, 24.6 cases, and 1,180 glasses of wine. Lodi is close to Napa and Sonoma…where I am right now is a walk in the clouds 🙂

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Artsy Fartsy Gastronomy

Free flowing French wine and food? Of course we were there!… Alliance Francaise de Manille’s French Spring Festival ’08 held the event “Déguste” last April 17,2008 at the Ayala Museum. It was an aesthetic fusion between gastronomy and art by artists Stéphanie Sagot and Emmanuelle Becquemin. They created savory art works which called on “the pleasures of vision, smell, and taste”. Trust the French to be creative!… Guests were eating or taking marshmallows from servers (pinned to their private parts!) in a body suit….and here are more ideas that were presented and can be used in food presentation:

The “floating buffet” – little canapés and hors d’oeuvres in little boxes tied to hundreds of balloons. As you take the food the balloons float up into the air:

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SGH 14 The Team to Beat

Congratulations to Solomon Guest House Batch 14 for the highest sales of 1.418M beating Batch 11’s 1.2M and this term’s Chef Station sales. Thank you Batch 14 for your hard work, efficiency, for being “mabait”, creative, and most of all for not giving me(us) any headaches.

SGH is now close for the term break. Bahay nu Kuya Gil will resume June 2 with a new group (Batch 15) and a Spanish-Latin American inspired menu.

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The Quezon Culinary Tour

Finally I was able to do the Quezon Culinary tour with our hosts fr0m Tiaong Ka-Bogart and Joy Tamayo. It was my first time in Villa Escudero so we did the touristy things like the Carabao ride with background rondalla music, lunch at Labasin falls ( your bare feet get wet while eating in the middle of the river), watched the cultural ethnic dance troupe that was trained by the late Ramon Obusan, visit the Escudero Family Museum, and spend the evening at the villas with the view of Lake Labasin. The other parts of the Villa Escudero property is now being developed by Landco into a subdivision and golf course. It is still a great place to bring balikbayans or tourists who want to experience Filipino Hospitality.

The following day we had lunch and spent the afternoon at Ugu Bigyan’s house in Tiaong. Ugu Bigyan is a famous Filipino potter who also cooks. I am now a fan of his pottery and his food.

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The Culinary Bangkok Tour in the eyes of student Beverly Galvez

As I was scheduled on my flight on February 27, 2008 I was considered the first batch of the Bangkok tour in spite of being absent in my INTECU2 class as the receptionist.My friends and I were very excited to explore a country that we have never been before. We even took pictures even before we left the Philippines. We were planned to take Thai Airlines arriving and departing Bangkok. My batch mates were all set with their passports, plane ticket and pocket money. We felt very excited because it will be our first time touring a foreign land with our friends and classmates. The Chefs that were with us was Chef Jo Tan and Chef Jen Redito. They were wonderful during the trip. Day one in Bangkok we were curious of what

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