Lalaine Lim Bento Box Champion

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Oops we did it again!…Congratulations to Lalaine Lim of DLS-CSB SHRIM for being the champion of the National Bento Competition held at the atrium of Shangri-la Mall this afternoon of Feb. 24,2008. The event was a competition among culinary schools and Japanese food enthusiasts. Lalaine prepared Japanese inspired recipes using indigenous local ingredients like danggit, balut, green mangoes, and mashed kamote for her bento box. Coach is Chef Kim Santos. The event was sponsored by the Japan Foundation of Manila.

Bangkok culinary tour travel tips

Last year was Vietnam, this year it is Thailand!!! 110 students and four teachers are going. First batch leaves Feb 27-March 1, second batch March 1-4, 2008. I won’t be going anymore as I was there last week to meet the tour coordinators and make sure all arrangement were in order. Though very hectic it was fun approving the restaurant menus, making sure the hotel/tour was at par to our standards, and coordinating with Bussaracum the Thai cooking school.

Airline will be Thai Airways… it’s been a while since I’ve experienced full service for a 3 hour flight. Cocktails, lunch, and

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Images of Chefs Attack III

Held last February 1, Chefs Attack is a friendly cook-off competition (a la Iron Chef) of the culinary department. This year each team consist of a chef instructor, senior student (#105), and a junior (#106). It is an annual event organized by CHIP (Chefs in Progress). It’s a fun time for students to see their teachers in action as they showcase their expertise. Mechanics is a market basket with secret ingredients…teams have to make an appetizer, main course, and dessert in one hour.

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