Mr. Acuna visits our students in Dubai

Mr. Gil Acuna was in Dubai last November 12-16 to check on our interns assigned to different Jumeirah hotel properties. Under a special partnership program with the school, the 19 students have to complete a 600 hour (paid!yes they get paid!)) internship program while taking classes at the Emirates Academy in Dubai (in academic association with Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne). They are having the time of their lives in this multicultural environment.

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Chef Jester Arellano at Renaissance

Congrats Jester! Heard your are the protégé of your executive chef and that you are performing well and making waves at Rennaissance Hotel. Thanks for your sharing your experience to us:

heya! Chef Pam! Hows buhay buhay? I am doing great right now. I work at Renaissance Makati City Hotel Manila as Western Banquet Commis. Lapit na ako mag one year dito and maganda nman developments ng pagiging kusinero ko. Lam mu d ko expect ang buhay kusinero sa isang hotel lalo na sa banquet kitchen. Totally different from solomon or restaurant or any internships I had. Tama nga na every kitchen have their own culture and way. And that is the first thing you have to learn before learning their recipes or how they cook. It took time para ma accept nila ako dito. Kc taas ang expectation nila sa mga nakapag aral na kusinero especially the executive chef. Now I already adopted to the banquet kitchen culture. Imagine very large production of food, endless plating, mise en place and even waking up very early for breakfast function

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Matthew Burgos TGI Friday’s Asia Pacific Flair Tending Champion

Alumnus Matthew Burgos graced us with his performance during the YHE opening. He recently won the Asia Pacific – Middle East TGI Friday’s Bartending Competition held in Beijing China. Matthew was the Philippines’ representative and he had to compete against the best TGI bartenders from Japan, China, Malaysia, Guam, Korea, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, and two representatives from China.

Criteria for judging consisted of:

Day1 Compulsory (50%) + Day 2 Free Style Flair tending = 100%

Day 1- Compulsory (50%)

10% Written exam – knowledge of 150 cocktail recipes (Matthew made only 1 mistake)

5 % Routine pour – pouring exactly 1 ¾ oz ( Matthew scored 64/64)

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Sabrina in China

Sabrina Jane Gan (#102), former CHIP president, is executive chef of Rickshaw Tex Mex Sports Bar in Beijing. She is now opening her second restaurant…for someone so young this is quite an accomplishment..Go Sab! We are so proud of you!

hey chef pam, how are you? i am doing okay naman… so far so good. iba pala talaga yung “real world” once you stepped out of shrim na… tama nga yung mga sinabi nyo sa amin. especially in my case na im out of the country, living on my own in a foreign land.

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Hello from Down Under -Australia

Three of our former teachers are there now working in Australia: Chef Farrah Hubahib who recently tied the knot with long time boyfriend Nobu, Chef Cesar Onrubia, and Chef Alexis (Ixi) Santos. Alumna Michelin Galang writes about here experience as she takes advance studies in Le Cordon Bleu Sydney.

hi chef pam,
im okay. i m studying right now in le cordon bleu sydney. Chef Farrah
is in Adelaide and layo hindi ko pa nakikitA. So far im loving it in
Australia. Laid back country and their so care free. The first day of
school, i was a mess cz i entered in the middle of the term i skipped 1
level kasi, since i took culinary na in csb. actually dalawa kaming tiga
csb na hrim sa lcb, si syd. dummo his lasr name pero upper batch sya
sakin. yung general track pa, but his not my classmate, his 1 yr. lower
than me. right now nakakahabol na ko sa mga classmates ko pag dating sa
kitchen practicals. kala ko nung una parang culinary dyan in school
pero mas intense pa pla toh.. napakamot ulo ko nung unang araw kasi i
wasnt expecting to do the whole course up to dessert on my own, na lost
ako dun nung unang araw hehehe. but im really enjoying it here i wish you
can also come and visit, your always welcome here since im going to
stay here for good. may work na rin ako sa hotel the botique hotel
ok sya mababait mga tao and marami nanaman ako natututunan. Im lucky i
get to experience internship in our school and yung culinary na rin,
cz i realize it doesnt stop there, everyday i get to know more things
and hone my skills.

Remembering my culinary teacher

Let me start by quoting Nigella Lawson in her book “How to Eat”:

“The great chefs of France and Italy learn about food at home: what they do later, in the restaurants that make them famous, is use what they have learnt. They build on it, they start elaborating. They take home cooking to the restaurant, not the restaurant school of cookery to the home. Inverting the process is like learning a vocabulary without any grammar.”

It is All Souls’ Day today, so I give tribute to my greatest culinary teacher – my grandmother. She passed away last January 2, 2007 at the age of 98. I miss her home cooked meals. When she was alive fast food was not considered staple. I miss her most when I feel lost or when I don’t know what to do. She was like a moral compass, if Pochahontas had Grandma Willow for answers…she was mine.

I never had a chance to thank family, friends and students, for coming to the wake and being there for our family at that time. I gave the eulogy during the internment.I’ve had it on a piece of scratch paper for so long and today seemed like the perfect day to share it. So here goes…

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